A Vanity Of A Gambler

When he is a gambler, he is a gambler all the way. No matter if he wins or loses, gambling continues to be his interest. A gambler only thinks the other way, if he wins; he feels there is no looking back. Invest the money won until the money gets doubled, tripled and thus gets multiplied without a halt. And if the gambler is losing, he is of a thought that the series of bad luck has to end at one point of time. So these beliefs of a gambler keep him on the game irrespective of the outcome. A winner’s fallacy: A winning gambler is full of adrenaline and assumes he can control himself when the situation turns otherwise. If he starts to lose, he will surely quit. But the greed doesn’t stop him from doing so. If he loses a part of his winning in the game, he wants to ensure it gets back to him again. This becomes self vandalizing for his game as there is no certainty that he shall win the amount again. This goes on until he loses that entire amount he had won, turning him a pauper at the end of the day. The day may end but the faith to make more and reap the losses does not die. It keeps the spirit high that forces them to end up at the casino again next day.

A loser’s fallacy: When a gambler is losing all the money on stake, he thinks of the last possible resort to continue the game. All he wants is to be in the game until there is a turning point. And once there comes a point of wining, he shall make up for all the losses made. It is just a series of bad luck that is limiting him from winning. However, the turning point is far and least certain to appear in the nearing future. This leads the looser going home back penniless. Whatsoever be the outcome of the game, there is nothing that favours the gamblers to advise them against bidding or continuing. The casinos definitely encourage them to continue for their own selfish reasons. For the casinos, the money they lose to the winners is a severe blow. By hook or crook they tend to motivate the winners until they spill up all the money won. This way the casino may neutralize the losses they suffer. On the contrary, forcing the losing person to continue to play is again beneficial for them. The reason is quite simple, more and more stakes. There are also chances that these casinos pamper the players with free alcohol. And for the thirst for alcohol, and in the hangover, they keep on playing. But the players hardly notice that, they are not playing for themselves but for the casinos. The behaviour of the gamblers can result in addictions of alcohol and smoking taking them to the death bed endangering the lives and financial security of the family.

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