The Impact Of Gambling

Gambling is a game that results in serious personal and social negativities. One gambler in a family can ruin the peace of mind and quality of life of the whole. Of the many losses seen, financial, health and social relations are affected the most. Moreover, the family loses the original touch when there was no gambling done previously. Most people waste their lives and hard earned money on games such as poker, lotteries, horse racing bets, sports bets and other gambling. Instead, this money would have been more productively used in family needs- paying utility bills, mortgage bills, children’s educational expenses, holidays or vacations. The problem gambler loses his capacity and personality for this reason. He gets refocused from the job in his hands and family in his life. The job stability reduces due to which he can’t keep a firm job and earn bread for the family. The aggression and disappointment of losing heavily in the casinos create a very rude atmosphere at home that is detrimental for the relations and has a very wrong impression on the minds of your children. The manipulative thoughts and behaviour of these gamblers can hamper the harmony in the family. Problem gambling has also resulted in more divorce rates all over the world.

While gambling is a high revenue generating game for the government, there are no stringent rules to curb gambling from the roots. It is in the hands of the gambler and the family to force quite gambling for good. Do not consider it as a source of earnings or recreation. You have a handsome job that pays you well, gambling is only a source of loss of the hard earned money. Problem gambling should be analyzed by self and by the family. Pondering on the issue will lead a strong brain storm that when calms down, leaves things quite settled. Understanding the pros and cons of the habituated gambling will help the person understand the situation. The self help includes getting away from the urge of playing more, this can be done by simply looking for an alternative to keep yourself busy so that the mind does not waver towards gambling. Keeping distance from the gambling friends is important to completely come out of the clutches of the game.

Otherwise, it will be like keeping the fields away but brining the seedlings home. Ensure you build new friend circle and socialize well with them. Engaging yourself in an evening walk, weekly gym will help you to forget the game in entirety. Most importantly, listen to the family and take their support. Your friends also can be of good help as they understand you better than your family. Also, you may consult professional counselors who shall bring you some real life experiences that can have a good response to you. Gambling is a game that can permanently spoil your life and bring your family to the streets. Awaking at the right time will give you a last chance to make your life again.

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