Poker: A Mysterious Game

Poker is a hobby that builds on to go out as a business. When you get together with your friends, a poker game can be fun, but when taken seriously you may make or break a lot of money. Poker is a number one game that is a cool thing to hang out in night clubs and casinos. As a choice of recreational game, it created a buzz in the parties, balls, casinos where men used to play and put a lot of money on it. Now poker does not remain just as a recreational game, rather its popularity has increased and reached the wider population with multimillion dollar prizes in so many national and international tournaments. Poker games variations in the rules, the number of players, game plan, and number of cards. They may be straight, stud poker, draw poker and community card poker, strip poker. Nowadays you don’t have to go to a casino for a poker game; there are so many online poker sites that can satiate your hunger for poker. The interest of large crowd has made it an online business with hole card cameras providing the game a huge speculation and spectatorship. If you really want to give a try, play the poker game online at the comfort of your home. If not you may enjoy the players and the game on television and enjoy the action and suspense that is part of the game.

Basically a set of 52 cards sets up a small game of poker. But as the group strength increases so does the number of cards and complexity of the game. Poker is a betting game where the bidder is ranked in an order as the game goes on. With a combination of cards, many cards are shared with the players and some other cards remain a mystery till the end. The mystery of the game lies in what the other person may be having, what may be the combination the other person is sharing, what is the game plan that is on the bidders mind. There is lot to lose and lot to gain, but all depends on a strategy and sheer luck. The game of poker involves lot of betting at every step. In the first step one of the players makes a forced bet called as the ante. In standard games every player bets stating they have the highest ranked hand. As the players go on bidding clockwise, he or she has to match or fold the bet. The betting round is terminated when all the players have matched or folded the bet. The player may either match or raise the bet. There comes a moment when there remains only one player folding the bet, the remaining player collects the pot. The player may decide whether to show or hide the hand from the other players. If more than one player remains after the rounds, the hands has to be revealed and the winner may take away the pot as a prize.

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